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Emission values:
SO2 concentration

Limit value: 200 mg/Nm3

Woody biomass-fuelled furnace:

0.0 mg/Nm3

Herbaceous biomass-fuelled furnace:

5.0 mg/Nm3

Did you know?

Some elements of the cranes lifting the straw bales onto the conveyor belt transporting them from the store into the power plant have a wingspan of 21 m, i.e. in a vertical position they would be the same height as floor 7 of a block of flats on a housing estate.

Budafa spoil bank

The spoil bank of Budafa is situated in the valley surrounded by Kossuth Shafts No. I, II and III. The formerly unfilled valley spreads along the former cableway route of Béta Shaft and to the north up to the closed down sand transportation narrow gauge railway route.

This spoil bank accommodates the waste material sorted out in the Coal Preparation Plant of Komló from the raw coal extracted in the mining plants of Komló (Kossuth, Béta and Zobák Shafts) as well as the waste material transported from the surface mine of Vasas.

The spoil bank is the result of the mining activity of Mecseki Bányavagyon-hasznosító Rt., the legal predecessor of BFH Kft. and Pannon Hőerőmű Zrt. as mining entrepreneurs. In the framework of a cooperation agreement for the land rehabilitation of the spoil bank, each of the two mining entrepreneurs have prepared separate technical and operational plans for reclamation dividing the land rehabilitation tasks geographically according to the responsibilities of the entrepreneurs.

Land rehabilitation of the Budafa spoil bank

The area to be rehabilitated is a landfill leaning to the hillside exploiting the morphological conditions. The area of the 50 hectare spoil bank (14.96 hectare of it used by Pannon Hőerőmű Zrt.) is not rehabilitated yet, since the closure of the subsurface mines only the waste material of the Vasas surface mine has been dumped here.

In addition, cover soil has been transported here continuously, at present its volume in the area belonging to Pannon Hőerőmű Zrt is 118 thousand m3.

We plan to implement the land rehabilitation of the spoil bank in a way that will ensure that the environment is not damaged any more, it harmonises with the landscape morphologically, the entire area is well drained and by creating an appropriate cover soil permanent vegetation fitting the environmental conditions can be established.

For the implementation of the land rehabilitation our Company has an approved technical and operational plan.