The 4th Green Energy Competition is on the way

Research-inspiring interesting questions, exciting venues, and valuable prizes – Pannonpower launched the 4th Green Energy…

Our activities

Our fundamental goal is to meet the heat and electricity demand on the basis of technical modernization, quality, reliability and sustainability.

Having stopped coal firing, our company has strengthened its business position and has become a determining factor in Hungarian energy production. It has gained a prominent role in the fields of provision of energy and expert services as well as in the environmental industry even outside the borders of Hungary.
Thanks to our innovative strategy we have become a cutting edge company in the biomass energy production of the twenty-first century. We are currently working hard to build up production and service provision procedures meeting the demands of the future to be able to provide more value, more modern services to our partners under the changing market and regulatory conditions, facing environmental challenges.
It marked a new era for our direct surroundings as well when in the summer of 2004 the largest biomass-fuelled energy producing unit of Central Europe started its operation in our power plant. By commissioning a new 35MW straw-fuelled unit we hope to strengthen biomass firing in Pécs on order to supply the city with 100% green district heat.
Pannonpower is contemplating other alternatives to extend its fuel portfolio. Significant research activity is conducted with regard to the utilization of energy grass for energy production.
Owners background
Dalkia Energia Zrt., successor of Prometheus Zrt. with almost 40 years of experience in Hungary, bought 99.94% of the shares of Pannonpower. in February 2007.
Thus Dalkia, a market leader in the field of energy services gained control over the companies of Pannonpower (i.e. Pannon Hőerőmű Zrt., Pannon Green Kft., Pannon-Hő Kft. and Pannon Biomassza Kft.)
The French-owned Dalkia, which has been present in the Hungarian market for twenty years, manages more than 120,000 energy installations in 42 countries through its subsidiaries. In 2010 it had over € 8.6 billion revenue with more than 53,400 employees.