The 4th Green Energy Competition is on the way

Research-inspiring interesting questions, exciting venues, and valuable prizes – Pannonpower launched the 4th Green Energy…

Emission values:
SO2 concentration

Limit value: 200 mg/Nm3

Woody biomass-fuelled furnace:

0.0 mg/Nm3

Herbaceous biomass-fuelled furnace:

5.0 mg/Nm3

Did you know?

Some elements of the cranes lifting the straw bales onto the conveyor belt transporting them from the store into the power plant have a wingspan of 21 m, i.e. in a vertical position they would be the same height as floor 7 of a block of flats on a housing estate.


Prize-winning communication campaign of the straw-fuelled unit


Our partner, Ferling PR Kft. has been awarded the Imre Sándor prize - one of the most prestigious professional recognitions granted by the Hungarian PR Association - for the communication campaign of the new straw-fuelled power plant unit.

Refurbished steam turbine under adjustment


Loud steam blows indicate that Steam Turbine IV of Pécs Power Plant is being tested these days. During the past months Turbine IV has been refurbished in the framework of a 500-million-Euro investment of PANNONPOWER. To commission this major power plant equipment the plant engineers have to make meticulous adjustments that can be performed only by revolving the turbine.

Children’s Day sponsored by PANNONPOWER


Several hundred small children got acquainted with the secrets of handling biomass fuel on a small scale. 

HEA-conference on power plant development


“Power plants are essential,” was the slogan of the last power plant forum of the Hungarian Energy Association that was held in Balatonalmádi.

Successful Civil Control Event in the Power Plant of Pécs


More than a dozen participants were interested in the traditional Civil Control event organized in the afternoon of March 1 by PANNONPOWER Holding Zrt. in the power plant of Pécs. All those interested could learn that the share of forest firewood constitutes less than half of the fuel burned by the power plant, the remaining part consisting of wood chips from the wood processing industry and forestries as well as waste produced by wood processing and agriculture.


Pécs Power Plant provided uninterrupted service even in the coldest weeks of winter


February brought extraordinary cold weather to Pécs, with temperatures well below what is usual in this part of the year. At times temperatures fell to as low as 19 °C below zero in the power plant. The severe conditions – unprecedented for quite a long time – put to the test both workers and boilers. As to the boilers, PANNONPOWER Holding Zrt. planned to operate the two gas-fuelled ones for the last time this year because from the next heating season on the company group intends to use exclusively biomass fuel to generate the heat required for district heating.

From now on is available in several languages



PANNONPOWER Holding Zrt., a large company with international background, considers it important to share the most important information related to the Group with all those interested in foreign languages as well. 

A new wheel loader has been put to work


A new wheel loader has arrived in the power plant. The Volvo L150G heavy machinery is equipped with a 12 m3 bucket, which has greatly increased its performance as compared to our existing, similar machines.