The 4th Green Energy Competition is on the way

Research-inspiring interesting questions, exciting venues, and valuable prizes – Pannonpower launched the 4th Green Energy…


Reduced congestion at the power plant of Pécs


The waiting time and congestion caused by trucks throughout the streets surrounding the power plant of Pécs have been significantly reduced since Pannonpower modernized the admission system of biomass supply trucks. The HUF 90 M project, which was carried out over the last few months, included the expansion of the storage area and the installation of an operating system and its accompanying IT developments. As a result fuel now can reach its destination in a much more efficient way.

We can be proud of our runners this year as well


The 30th Pécs-Harkány run was held on the 9th of March. We participated in the anniversary event with our largest delegation so far, with two teams and three individual contestants.

Heating Distributors’ Day


The conference entitled “Heating Distributors’ Day”, which was organized by PÉTÁV Kft., featured several presentations about district heating, including one about the production of green heating in Pécs, which is unique in Hungary. The display covered the details of the operation of the two biomass fuelled blocks, and provided insight to the 100+ audience.

Half of the reclamation of Tüskésrét is ready


The readiness level of the remediation of the last remaining part at the 51 hectare area in Tüskésrét has just surpassed 50%. Thanks to the light winter weather the works did not have to stop over the past weeks, so the reclamation of the area located in the center of Pécs is currently ahead of schedule. The deadline of the full remediation is the end of the year.

Successful blood donation


The employees of Pannonpower gave blood enough for saving the lives of almost 70 people during the donation organized at the power plant of Pécs.

Best-practice biomass-model at Pécs


The straw-fuelled biomass power plant of Pécs is exemplary within both Dalkia’s domestic and international networks – as it was announced at a two-day professional meeting organized by Dalkia for biomass experts, which was attended by more than 50 specialists coming from 13 countries. The attendants of the convention set out to recognize best practice in the utilization of biomass all agreed that the model used in Pécs, which is based on renewable energy sources, can be reproduced in other areas as well in a larger or smaller volume.

Christmas trees to heat homes


Following the tradition of recent years, Pannonpower is collecting and utilizing discarded, used Christmas trees again over the city. This way the symbol of the festivities is providing warmth for more than 30 000 homes for a second time. Moreover, their utilization means a considerable relief to the city from an energetic viewpoint.

Pannonpower salutes retired colleagues


More than a hundred former workers were invited to the power plant of Pécs.