The 4th Green Energy Competition is on the way

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Fuel supply

In Hungary, the biomass-fuelled unit of Pannonpower’s Pécs power plant was one of the first to use renewable energy at power plant scale.

55% of the biomass fuel consists of firewood coming from state forestries in Baranya and Somogy Counties, while a smaller portion comes from smaller private forests. Woodchip made from forest waste and woodworking by-products delivered in different forms provide 20% each. 5% of the fuel originates from the agriculture.
From the forestries only wood material not suitable for any other type of utilization – for example in the furniture sector – is used to produce energy. Similarly to the boilers of family houses, the biomass unit of the power plant is only allowed to burn wood that is not suitable for any other purpose but firewood due to its specific faults. A determining factor of wood utilization is the quality of the wood, i.e. the faults that can be detected on it. Wood fault is any deviation from the shape, structure or colour typical to the given species.
There is a widespread misconception about the wood consumption of the power plant. For the lay people it may look really formidable when they spot trucks loaded with logs, just like the sight of logging can be gruesome. Mecseki Erdészeti Zrt. [Mecsek Forestry] and Pannonpower closely cooperate to make it clear for everybody that biomass consumption is a strictly regulated system presenting no risk at all to the forests of Baranya County.
Pannonpower makes every effort to find legal and traceable partners who have consideration for environmental values. We select our partners through official tender processes restricted to entrepreneurs with responsible management, who for example hold certificate from Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit NGO committed to responsible forest management. Furthermore, we always require from our partners to have the certificate of the Hungarian forestry authority and the felling license issued on the basis of their felling plan.