The 4th Green Energy Competition is on the way

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Emission values:
dust concentration

Limit value: 20 mg/Nm3

Woody biomass-fuelled furnace:

0.0 mg/Nm3

Herbaceous biomass-fuelled furnace:

1.0 mg/Nm3

Did you know?

Approximately 160 tons of steel and reinforcing bars were used to build the foundation and supporting structures of the straw-fuelled boiler and about the same quantity was needed for the bale storage facility. This amount would be sufficient to build about 90 detached houses. 

3D short films

Please watch our videos presenting the woodchip-based energy production process with the help of 3D animated short films.

In the films you can follow the route of the biomass from the reception of the wood delivered to the power plant through the entire process until the generation of electricity and co-gen heat.





Chipping machine




The animated short films were produced in 2005.