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Inexpensive coal from Vasas is now available


The trading of coal exploited from Pannon Hőerőmű Zrt.’s Pécs-Vasas mine has commenced. The recently re-opened opencast mine is expected to yield 15 000 tons of coal in each of the next five years, which will be primarily utilized in household purposes.

After a decade of hibernation coal mining in Mecsek became active again, when the first ceremonial pickaxes hit the surface of the opencast mine located near Pécs-Vasas in last December. Since then the mining contractor has started the construction of the coal storage site and established the necessary conditions for commerce. The plans materialized when heavy machines started moving the earth, and as of now they excavated and piled up almost 300 tons of coal, which will be available for sale with the 23th of March.

“We received a licence for the exploitation of 15 000 tons of coal per year, for a five-year period.”– said Attila Péterffy, President-CEO of Pannon Hőerőmű Zrt. “This amount can be excavated without having to implement any significant alteration of the environment, and it will not result in any dust or noise pollution either. The Vasas coal is principally intended for the local community, and it can be a real alternative to imported coal and other, gradually more expensive energy sources. Therefore we set a price which is affordable for everyone and can be competitive to the prices of other fuels in the market.” – added Péterffy.

In the first phase, until 30 April, the Vasas coal will be available for purchase for one and a half month at the appointed points: at the side of the Vasas mine and in Pécs, at the former TÜZÉP site at Megyeri út. Afterwards the mining contractor will sum up and analyse the experiences of the sale, and if necessary change the practice in order to became even more adjusted to the customer’s needs come the autumn heating season.

The heating value of the excavated, so-called raw run coal is 3000-3600 Kcal/kg, which equals approximately half m3 of natural gas or two kilos of firewood. Imre Czéh-Tóth, the manager of Neolit Kft., the sub-contractor responsible for exploitation and sale, says that the Vasas coal is an excellent fuel, but there are a couple of small things which should be taken into account when burning it. “To reach the best efficiency one should not light the coal directly. Instead, one should light a couple of woodsticks and the coal should be placed on the smouldering cinder. Proper ventilation is very important which means a clean chimney providing ample draft. The charred coal left from the burning should be put back into the stove, since its heating value is higher than the original raw coal.” – goes the expert’s advice. He also added that every customer will receive a brochure containing the most important information, since many of the local families, who are the potential clients, have never used this kind of coal before.