The 4th Green Energy Competition is on the way

Research-inspiring interesting questions, exciting venues, and valuable prizes – Pannonpower launched the 4th Green Energy…

Emission values:
SO2 concentration

Limit value: 200 mg/Nm3

Woody biomass-fuelled furnace:

0.0 mg/Nm3

Herbaceous biomass-fuelled furnace:

5.0 mg/Nm3

Did you know?

Hungaryintends to increase the share of renewable energy sources to 14.65% by 2020, which is nearly the triple of their present share but even that amount falls 7% short of the commitment made to the EU.


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Disaster management and Pannonpower to work together


Pannon Hőerőmű Zrt. and the Baranya County Directorate for Disaster Management signed an agreement on organizing mutual exercises and training courses in the future and cooperating in order to continue keeping the operation of the power plant of Pécs safe and sound.

An excellent training ground and an abundance of practical experiences and technical tools for the experts of disaster management – a brief summary of the agreement signed between the County Directorate for Disaster Management and Pannon Hőerőmű on Monday. The thermal power plant of Pécs is one of the largest and most important industrial plants of the county, therefore it warrants special attention regarding security as well as disaster prevention. Both parties agree that the first concerns are to avert accidents and prepare for dealing quickly and successfully with any unexpected calamities.
To this end disaster management, who are the first on the scene if a problem arises, will receive regular opportunities to train at the site of Pannonpower’s Pécs power plant, with the buildings, the plant’s fire protection system, and everything which could be needed in a live situation at their disposal. In addition, the disaster management experts will have the chance to use tools offered by the power plant (fire extinguishers, breathing devices), which are not fit for live usage on the account of their expiration date.
They will also undertake simulation tasks as well with the actual personnel of the company, since efficient cooperation with the fire brigade of the power plant is of key importance for both parties. During these drills the disaster management crew will receive a level of familiarity and experience which could not be attained otherwise and will enhance their live decision-making process and intervention in case of real emergencies.
Besides training the parties will exchange experiences as well: disaster management will support Pannonpower in providing further training to their fire department and help them prepare for unexpected situations, while tools and safety equipment, which are fully operable but because of legal restrictions cannot be put into live use, will be there for practice. These tools, which would improve the technical quality and responsive skills of the corporate fire brigade, mean further guarantees for the safe operation of the power plant in the future as well, which has been running without any major malfunctions for decades while providing district heating and electricity to the city of Pécs.