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Emission values:
dust concentration

Limit value: 20 mg/Nm3

Woody biomass-fuelled furnace:

0.0 mg/Nm3

Herbaceous biomass-fuelled furnace:

1.0 mg/Nm3

Did you know?

The performance of Europe’s biggest straw-fuelled power plant hardly exceeds that of Pécs Power Plant. This unit is found in Ely, England and its output is 40 MW.

Environmental protection

A determining element of the new project is a savings of 46 million m3 of import natural gas at power plant level and a further 35.5 million m3 at national natural-gas based electricity generation level, leading to almost 1% decrease in Hungarian natural gas consumption contributing significantly to the reduction of Hungary’s energy dependence. As the power plant will use non-fossil fuel, its operation will be carbon neutral since the agricultural by-products to be combusted in the boiler will not increase the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere: their GHG emission is equal to the amount absorbed by them during their growth.

Therefore, the fuel change will reduce carbon dioxide emission by altogether 150,000 tons. (This is composed of the approximately 85,000 tons of CO2 saved by the power plant and of further 65 thousand tons saved at the level of national power generation.)
The technology to be implemented pays particular attention to compliance with the ever stricter environmental protection requirements. The power plant of Pécs is installing flue gas treatment equipment that will reduce the emission of the straw-fuelled unit far below the specified limits. Thus the new unit will meet the relevant environmental regulations and the requirements of the IPPC license in every aspect. 
The project is in perfect agreement with the 20/20/20 objectives of the European Union, enhances Hungary’s commitment to increase our renewable energy utilization ratio to 14.65% and, last but not least, it forms an integral part of the so-called “Green Pécs” program that endeavours to make Pécs a more livable city. 
The processes triggered by the implementation of the straw-fuelled unit will guarantee sustainable development without jeopardizing the possibility of meeting the needs of the future generations. The development project will create harmony between natural and man-made environment. The objectives of the project concerning sustainable development, the protection of nature and environment, as well as economic benefits are all in harmony with one another and there is no doubt about the positive social support the cause enjoys.