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Emission values:
SO2 concentration

Limit value: 200 mg/Nm3

Woody biomass-fuelled furnace:

0.0 mg/Nm3

Herbaceous biomass-fuelled furnace:

5.0 mg/Nm3

Did you know?

The boiler in the straw-fuelled unit contains a pipeline of 9 km; this is twice the length of Nagykörút in Budapest. 


Frequently asked questions

Is it true that Mecseki Erdészeti Zrt. fells more and more trees every year because of the biomass consumption of the Pécs power plant?

It is not true. The forest service knows the fellable timber standard ten years ahead, but even so they cut only two-third of the specified quantity. Verified data show that Hungary’s forest coverage has grown 50% during the past 60 years, 4% of which took place in Baranya. The forest coverage of Mecsek has not decreased.

Is it true that the operation of the straw-fuelled unit will make district heating cheaper in Pécs?

The straw-fuelled unit can provide heat with lower cost indices than the gas-fuelled units. In addition, it is able to eliminate further cost risks due to the increase in gas prices in the world market and to the EU carbon credit purchase. Thus the implementation of the straw project will ensure a reduction in producer heat prices which creates the opportunity for decreasing consumer heat prices, although since 2011 the determination of the latter has become the privilege of the state, therefore straw firing may have only indirect influence on consumer heat prices.

What is biomass?

From energy point of view, biomass is the continuously replenished energy source deriving from living organisms. The most widely used type is wood, although agricultural residues, animal products, industrial and municipal combustible wastes and plants the seed of which can be used to produce fuel as well as energy crops developed for this very purpose, like energy cane or energy poplar, also belong here.

What traditional and renewable energy sources are used by PANNONPOWER?

The site of PANNONPOWER in Pécs has one biomass- and two gas-fuelled units at present. The latter ones use import natural gas, while the biomass unit consumes woodchips and energy crops. Wood fuel consists of the products of the surrounding state forest services and private forest companies which are not suitable for other purposes, as well as wood industrial waste and sawdust. Part of the energy crops is produced by the power plant, while the other part is provided by specialized agro companies.

Where does the fuel of the wood-fuelled biomass unit come from?

55-60% of the fuel comes from the state owned forests of Baranya and Somogy Counties, about 10% comes from private forests, while 30-35% of it is woodworking industrial by-product.